About the project

Every year, Chicago alders get $1.5 million in menu money to spend at their discretion on capital improvements in their ward. Our group is making menu money spending data more accessible to the public and creating tools to help with participatory budgeting processes.

About us

Ward Wise is a breakout group under Chi Hack Night. Our source code is available on GitHub. We use data scraped from the Chicago Capital Improvements Archive by Jake Smith and John C. Ruf.

Ways to get involved

  • Join the ward-wise channel on the Chi Hack Night Slack to stay up to date with what we're currently discussing and working on!
  • View our open Github issues related to data analysis and data visualizations. If an issue piques your interest, message us on Slack and we'll give you the latest status.
  • Help us collect ward contact info.
  • Help with UI and usability testing.
  • Do you have connections? Reach out to organizations that could benefit from using Ward Wise. They may have data analysis needs that we can help them with.
  • Validate image data for Project Sidewalk (not related to us, but they do cool work!)